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The Energy Efficiency Design Index (EEDI) is conceived as a future mandatory instrument to be calculated and made as available information for new ships. EEDI represents the amount of CO2 in gram emitted when transporting one deadweight tonnage of cargo one nautical mile. MAN Diesel & Turbo's WHR systems consists of high quality and highly efficient machinery that significantly increases overall vessel efficiency, all in close cooperation with yards, designers and owners. The systems are also an effective way to reduce the EEDI index, especially when combined with other MAN Diesel & Turbo technology such as its ultra-long-stroke G-engines or its Kappel propellers.


This video introduces key elements of Shipboard Energy
Efficiency Management Plan, and demonstrates activities that
lead to fuel savings.


Vessel Insight aims for energy saving.
It is enabled by optimizing fleet’s operation and maintaining
the peak performance. Extensive data are withdrawn to find
an optimal point and system helps you to maintain it as a best